What I do

If you click through the 10 stories featured above, or dive into the stories curated under the ‘Published Work’ header, note the differences: the name of the organization, the bylines and the topics change.

Yet most of these stories that I’ve worked on as an editor or reporter share key traits. They tackle major issues that are important to readers and have impact. The stories are complicated, but they’re presented in a clear, compelling format and are often accompanied by slick digital assets. And, most important, they are fair and accurate.

I’ve been an investigative journalist —first as a reporter, then an editor — for 20 years. As these stories demonstrate, I’ve spent that time consistently helping news organizations build or re-establish an investigative, watchdog culture while working with reporters of all levels of experience to produce high impact work.

If you are looking for ways to turn your newsroom into a place where your readers come to expect excellent investigative and watchdog journalism, feel free to reach out to me via the ‘Contact’ page on this site.